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          Your moving house checklist

          Because organised means easy!

          We’ve broken down the moving timeline into easily digestible chunks that make your international move simple and stress free.

          What to do as soon as you decide on moving

          Let’s start at the beginning! As soon as you’ve decided on an international move, you’ll need to visit the consulate of your new country. There they’ll be able to tell you about which visa to apply for (if required) and how to begin that process.

          It’s also important to get information about customs duties, paying tax and the tax rules, the exchange rate and contraband now. As well as guidance on the healthcare options and insurance requirements, and any vaccinations you’ll need to get. Book all related services now: vaccinations, engage a lawyer, file your paperwork etc.

          It’s then onto preparing for your new life. It’s important to start researching the culture of your new home country, as well as beginning to learn the language spoken in your destination country.

          If you are moving with a family, now’s the time to  find new schools for your children and begin the application process. The very best international and private schools often have application processes beginning 12 months before the start of the new school year.

          3-6 months before you move

          Now that your visa application is in process, it’s time to set a moving date. Once you have a concrete date in mind, you can begin the real logistics planning.

          It’s time to find your new home. If you’re moving abroad, this can be a little more difficult, so it’s worth considering how temporary housing could ease the pressure of committing to a long term rental. House searches are made easier by using our excellent home search service. Now’s also the best time to give notice to your current landlord or arrange renting or selling your owned home with your estate agent.

          With your move date set, and your house search underway, it’s time to choose a removal company and organise storage. It’s important to make sure that your removals company has experience in international moves, and local expertise so that nothing gets lost in translation or forgotten. Our 120 years of expertise is what makes moving home with us easy.

          Storage is an excellent option if you’re moving temporarily, or for excess furniture and items you won’t need in your new location but want to keep. We advise arranging storage at least 2 months before your moving date to give you more room to organise the rest of your belongings. We can help with any storage needs, and with Santa Fe Relocation you only pay for the space you actually use.

          And there’s no time like the present to make your travel arrangements, book transfers, purchase your travel and health insurance and get your required vaccinations!

          A month before you move

          It’s admin time! About a month before your moving date signals the time to change your contact details, move or close bank accounts and subscriptions, and get everything in order for the move.

          It’s important to contact your bank and credit card providers, creditors, home insurance company, subscription providers, and home tax office to change your contact details to your new address. To make sure you don’t miss any post once you’ve moved, contact the post office and arrange a forwarding system.

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          Next, it’s important that you discontinue your service products, such as car tax, insurance, home utilities companies such as gas and electric, water, Home Owners Association or council tax, as well as internet or cable providers. Many cell phone providers allow you to transfer your contract when moving abroad, but make sure to enquire about your choices.

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          Make sure you’ve paid any outstanding bills with your providers as part of the cancellation process. You don’t want your first mail to your new address to be bills!

          And finally, it’s time to arrange your utilities services before moving into your new home. If possible, try to get the utilities arranged and set up before your move, or if not, on the day you move in. We are more than happy to help you arrange your utilities, simply contact a member of our team and tell them what you require.

          Two weeks before you move

          If you are not using a packing service, start packing all the items that you won’t need before the move. Whilst packing make sure to separate out anything you need between now and moving day, and anything very valuable or sentimental, for special attention. Whilst sorting through, consider whether to sell or donate the items you won’t need in the new home. Don’t forget to accurately label your boxes, it will save you time and hassle when it comes to unpacking!

          Of course, you might opt to choose our professional packing and unpacking service, which takes away all the hassle of doing it yourself. And we only use the latest in eco-friendly and professional packing materials and techniques.

          The day before the move

          It’s almost time! Today’s all about making sure you’ve checked off the last-minute tasks so that tomorrow goes smoothly.
          Start by packing your moving day box/bag with all your essentials: keys, wallet, your documents folder, mobile/cell phones and chargers, as well as valuables, medication, and some snacks and bottles of water. Lay out your travel outfits for tomorrow, and make sure you have the morning essentials like toothbrushes and toothpaste.

          Then you can do the final cleaning and checks around the house. Make sure to empty and clean all of your white goods and do the final cleaning tasks like a quick vacuum.

          Finally, check that all your boxes are clearly and correctly labelled, and make a quick confirmation call to your removal company.

          Moving day

          Moving day is finally here!

          Aside from getting excited, it’s time for the final checks. Take a walk around the house and make sure you’ve locked every window and door, check that nothing has been left in any of the rooms, and that all electrical points and lights are turned off.
          Next, check your mailbox for any last-minute mail. And remember to take your meter readings (we recommend taking a photo as well as writing them down in your documents file).

          Finally, it’s time to hand over your keys to your property agent and jump in your transport.

          And finally, move into your new home

          Unpack room by room and if you’ve moved with children, think about unpacking their rooms first to let them acclimatise. Double check you have all the right keys to cupboards, doors, windows and garages, etc. Contact your local authorities and ask for bin/recycling collection dates. Then, perhaps you should put your feet up and order a takeaway! You’ve earned this rest; welcome to your new home.

          Download our convenient international moving checklist for complete ease and peace of mind during your move.

          Or save yourself a lot of hassle and let us take care of your international move, with a dedicated point of contact delivering our complete relocation service. We’re the specialist removals firm ready to make sure your move goes smoothly. Whether you’re moving locally, to a new city or a new country, trust us to take care of your entire moving journey. Enjoy an exceptional moving experience with unrivalled quality, from home to new home and beyond.

          Santa Fe Relocation, we m
          ake moving home easy for you.



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